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Members for 2023 and sponsors were all invited for the annual Christmas lunch and award giving service. Its a chance for everyone to be social with no horses in sight ! A Christmas Turkey Dinner followed by dessert went down a storm. Its also an opportunity to brief riders for 2024 with anticipated rule changes and the International Opportunity in 2024.  

As always, we thank everyone who has raced, supported and promoted in 2023. 

The awards were split as below :

2023 Grand Champion - Greg Cooper

He did it again and retained the Grand Champion Trophy ! 3 Hi Point Show Trophies, 10 Fastest Barrels, 10 Fastest Poles, 2 Arena Records, NBHA Class C winner & the fastest time in the UK with a 16.865. The one to beat again for 2024.

Progression Awards

Ryleigh Perkins On Willow

Anna Turner On Echo

Jenni Dawkins On Whisky

Arena Records 

Yorkshire - Eloisa Atkinson

Fulbeck - Susi Cooper

Northampton - Greg Cooper

Hertfordshire - Greg Cooper

Devon - Danny Blackford

Best Dressed Award - Despite very tough competition, this year again was just edged by Eloisa. A wonderful aray of clothing and accessories certainly didnt go unnoticed ! 

Ambassadors of the year - Alison Kopasz again promoted 4 Strides and Barrel Racing at every opportunity across Social Media and beyond. Thank you Alison for all your promotion and support. 

Dream Catcher Award - Had to be Mark, he had made it known that his dream was to be sat in a rocking chair in years to come, with grandkids around him and him explaining how he rode internationally as a barrel racer and his picture was on the big screens. He did this TWICE ! 

Barrels Accumulator Hi Point - Michelle Perry mustve burnt through some diesel this year ! Attending a phenomenal amount of events, this trophy was in the bag for her by the end of summer. A massive congratulations to Michelle & Dolly for their very comfortable victory !

Poles Accumulator Hi Point - 1 point seperated 1st and 2nd in 2022, 2 points seperated the same postions in 2023. This time Hannah just snatching it away from Greg on the very last event of 2023. Great work Hannah and you really have progressed this year in barrels and poles.  

Most Improved - Had to be Anna Turner, starting the season in the mid 20 seconds on Echo, she now consistantly clocks in the 19 second bracket and completely smashed that out the water in the USA with a 16 second ! What an improvement through out the year and well done Anna

NBHA Point Accumulator - 

Junior Division - Ryleigh Perkins on Willow

Teen Division - Anna Turner on Echo

Open Division - Greg Cooper on Wilma

Senior Division - Michelle Perry on Dolly

Hi Point Accumulator by Arena - 

Northamptonshire - Mary Tongue on Digger (116)

Herefordshire - Mary Tongue on Digger (74)

Devon - Michelle Perry on Dolly (62)

Yorkshire - Eloisa on Lilly (60)

Lincolnshire - Sarah Pawsey on Alfie (221) 

Endeavour Award - Sponsored by Deadwood Cabins

Awarded to the person who showed grit and determination throughout, who helped the team throughout the year and made a huge difference. This was Jenni Dawkins. 

The points are reset, the scoring schedule has been revamped and there is even more competition in 2024 ! Are you ready to be an award winner ? 





Everyone was invited to the annual award ceremony held at Fulbeck Village Hall, a Christmas lunch was laid on, awards handed out and a great time had by all as our final meet up of 2022. All this was included with your annual membership cost. 

A huge well done to everyone who has raced with us this year. 

The awards were split as below :

2022 Grand Champion - Greg Cooper

The best barrel racer in 2022, 11 hi point show wins, 10 fastest barrel wins, 14 fastest pole bending wins, 4 arena records, Hi point belt buckle winner for Northamptonshire and the FASTEST Time of the season (18.142) The one to beat in 2023

Progression Awards

Sophie Biggs on Pixie

Hannah Woodward on Kitkat

Anna Turner on Echo

Olivia Osbourne on Darcie

Rising Star Award - James Atkinson

In recognition of a young rider who despite only competing in 4 shows, still ammassed 34 points and who we belive to be a rising star. 

Arena Records 

Norfolk - Shane Sturman

Yorkshire - Greg Cooper

Fulbeck - Greg Cooper

Northampton - Greg Cooper

Hertfordshire - Greg Cooper

Best Dressed Award - Eloisa Atkinson who has had the most wonderful outfits this year, in so many colour combinations and in tandem to match her horses. We envy her outfits!

Ambassador of the year - Alison Kopasz

who has promoted 4 Srides Barrel Racing at every opportunity, and if there hsnt been an opportunity then she has created one. Every tag and mention on facebook and instagram and every hash tag to every person she has spoken to about and recruited for us ... we are truly greatful. 

Dream Catcher Award - Eloisa Atkinson who has made it very public over the year that she is living her dream,and the opportunities she has had are like a dream come true. Keep chasing those dreams. 

Barrels Accumulator Hi Point - Sarah Pawsey who hauled herself and Alfie all over the UK to compete in the most events and scoop the accumulator award for most points. SAome serious dedication and diesel was used this year and was great to cheive her goals.

Poles Accumulator Hi Point - Greg Cooper by just 1 point ! Unbelievably after all year it came to the last class at the last event to secure the pole bedning accumulator award. 

Most Improved - Susi Cooper who has shown a true dedication to learning, and interested in the technicalities of the sport along with the desire to learn more and more. She didnt have the most fortunate of years, and by the time she got to ride her 7th horse partnership, she was well and truly out the running for greater awards. 

NBHA Point Accumulator - 

Junior Division - Eloisa Atkinson on Lilly

Teen Division - Anna Turner on Echo

Open Division - Sarah Pawsey on Alfie

Senior Division - Mark Dame on Lexy 

Hi Point Accumulator by Arena - 

Norfolk - Sarah on Alfie  (71)

Northamptonshire - Greg Cooper on Wilma (105)

Yorkshire - Hannah Woodward on Kitkat (44)

Lincolnshire - Sarah Pawsey on Alfie (281) 

Silver Leys - Sarah Pawsey on Alfie (109)

We reset the points and times ready for 2023, are you ready to join us ? 





Fulbeck village hall was the location of our 2021 Awards and members Christmas Lunch. The scene was set and some amazing food was served for a 3 course Christmas Dinner. 

Each Course was split by more awards being handed out. A raffle was held and a large table of goodies was up for grabs.

A huge well done to everyone who has raced with us this year. 

The awards were split as below :

Barrels Hi Point - Jayne Maddocks

Poles Hi Point - Sarah Pawsey

Games Hi Point - Alexa Biddulph

Progression Awards

Norfolk - Jules Chettleburgh

Northampton - Georgia Hanbridge

Lincolnshire - Ruby Williams

Rising Star Awards

Ashley Sloan

Ruby Williams

Arena Records 

Norfolk - Shane Sturman

Boston - Kiah Adams

Yorkshire - Elouise Atkinson

Fulbeck - Jayne Maddocks

Northampton - Jayne Maddocks

We hope to see you all and more in 2022 !


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