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Equine Assisted Therapy in conjunction with Willow Farm Equine Assisted Therapy CIC

Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Learning. 

Intended for:

Those with depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Our aims are to:

Reduce social isolation, contributing to mental health recovery, contributing to positive mental health and resilience, contributing to improved health and well-being.

Equine therapy is the use of horses in a therapeutic setting. 

It helps promote emotional growth and personal development in the lives of individuals. 

Individuals who participate in equine assisted programmes often experience several life changing benefits. 

Working with horses can be a complimentary part of a bigger or more comprehensive treatment plan. 

Horses are very effective for:

Soothing and relaxing, improving mood, and / or reducing stress because they are particularly gentle and understanding.

Just a selection of things we can support with Equine Facilitated
Therapeutic Activities…


Do you lack confidence for whatever reason and wish to overcome
those fears?
Using our horses as the medium for activities makes strides
towards these outcomes:-
- Courage
- Trust
- Positive Relationships
- Discipline

- Problem Solving


Are you living with the lasting effects of experiencing trauma or
Using our horses as the medium for activities, our equine facilitated
therapeutic activities endeavour to support the following outcomes:-
- Concentration
- Perservance

- Self Control
- Patience
- Grounding Techniques
- Leadership
- Healthy Relationships


Have you experienced an unhealthy relationship (past or present),
including but not exclusive to physical, mental or emotional abuse.
Using our horses as the medium for activities which build resilience,
we endeavour to work towards the following outcomes:-
- Confidence
- Trust
- Courage
- Boundaries
- Adaptability
- Self Esteem


Other things that equine facilitated therapeutic activities can assist
with: Please contact us for further discussion…
 Depression
 Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorders social
anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and phobias

 Eating disorders
 Mood disorders
 Self-esteem issues

We offer 1-2-1 EFT sessions
And we offer small group sessions
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Please take the time to download and view our equine assisted therapy brochure.


Join the Team

We are always on the look out for outstanding individuals who would like to volunteer their time in assisting our operations. Please fill in the below.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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